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Emergency nests

Mason bees are filling up the nests quickly. I need more nests! My saw for cutting grooves is broken so I have turned to 2×6 spruce. The pictures tell the story.

2016-04-25 (22)2016-04-25 (10)





Increase of Mason bee population

“Mason bees are valued because they are native and self-sustaining with minimal maintenance and, therefore, low cost.  You can build up a sizable population starting with just a few nests or even from wild mason bees in your neighborhood.  In a managed system, the population can build by a factor of 3 to 5 times per season, although some years may offer no buildup.  Some bees will emigrate, and there will always be mortality.  An average good multiplication factor is about 2 ½ times per year.”



Mason bee cocoons and nests

A package of 500 cocoons and are for sale for $180 plus GST. This starter amount will work well for blueberry growers who wish to begin their own pollination.

For more information contact Dave at 604 465 8725. Pitt Meadows BC.

Email: djgemmell@shaw .ca